Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pregnancy: First Visit to Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

A little bit of blank since the last update, sorry! Here's my experience with pre-natal check ups at Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya.


Since we live in Kelana Jaya, we decided to continue our pre-natal check ups at Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, which is 5 minutes drive away from our place. The first time I went there, the nurse informed me that based on my address, I was supposed to go to Lembah Subang's KK instead. But we decided to focus on that later.

During my first time, I thought that I was supposed to take the numbers issued at the front of the door (they issue limited numbers daily) before I found out that it was meant for non-pregnant people haha. Oops. 

I arrived at 6.30 AM because I wanted to be the earliest lady there possible, and proceeded to sit at the blue chairs in front of the door. They officially open the door at 7.30 AM but by 7 AM people already started to form a queue in front of the door. Being Malaysian, I also followed suit.

As soon as the nurses opened the door at 7.30 AM, people rushed into the clinic - sick and elderly people to the right, and natal care to the left. 

As it was my first time registering, I had to wait quite a while for my number to be called. I was informed that you needed to bring a copy of your i/c, marriage certificate or card, and a recent utility bill issued to your current address (but we didn't really need to show it anyway). The nurse will issue two copies of a pink book; one for you to keep and bring home, another for the clinic's reference and record-keeping.

Step 1: Get weighed
The first step was getting weighed. I lost a bit of weight due to my severe morning sickness, and after that the nurse went through my details such as information, family history, and surgery (I previously went for a laparoscopy for ruptured ovarian cyst last year). She also asked me how did I confirm my pregnancy, did I take a pregnancy test, did I visit any private clinics prior to this visit etc. The nurse will ask you to take your pink book to the Pee Test Counter.

Step 2: Pee Test
The second step was peeing in a cup; I think that's standard to reconfirm your pregnancy? There's one toilet specifically to pee into the cup, and the line was quite long. The toilet was next to a window sill where you place your pee cup (when they issue the cup, they write a number on the cup). Afterwards, the nurse will call your number and inform you to take your pink book to the Blood Test Room.

Step 3: Blood Test
The third step was taking your blood which is a standard procedure. Nurse will call your number later and you will need to place your pink book at the main counter.

Step 4: Nurse Consultation
The nurse will do routine checks such as reading your blood pressure for the doctor's reference. I was lucky to have a very nice and gentle nurse called Adila. As my blood pressure reading was slightly high, the nurse took it several times until it was an "acceptable" level. She filled in some details in the pink book and asked me to wait for my doctor consultation. 

Step 5: Doctor Consultation
The doctor went through my pink book and asked me again about my family history, my current occupations, and how my surgery went. I also gave her my previous scans (two of them) from the visits to the private clinic, which she stapled into the pink book. Due to my surgical history, she issued me a letter where I can get a detailed scan free of charge at a nearby clinic.

She proceeded to scan the baby (and yes! husbands are allowed inside) and showed my baby's growth as well as the EDD. I heard the baby's heartbeat and felt a wave of emotions. Alhamdulillah, it was such a beautiful moment. Husband wasn't as emotional as I was, but he's kinda like that teehee. Doctor issued me Zincofer, a multi-vitamin that contained all sorts of goodness such as iron, folic acid, calcium etc.

We were officially in the clinic at 7.30 AM and left at 12.30 PM. The wait was to be expected as many people use the service, and since it was my first time, there was many processes I had to go through. They were very thorough, which made me feel very satisfied. My following appointment was set a month later (December), which included a Test Air Gula (Sugar Water Test).

Hope this helps any first-time mummies who might be looking for more info on the pre-natal care!


  1. Hi June, boleh tau tk june check up tu dh brpe weeks?

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